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Who we are? Based in Dubai, AMAZON Blu Ship Supplies is a young and dynamic company that provides a wide range of general and specialized ship supplies, equipment, tools & stores to ship owners, ship managers and offshore. We pride ourselves on providing excellent services in supplying ships with various goods and round the clock services. Our services are available for Cargo Ships, Cruise Ships, Tankers, Chemical & Oil Vessels, Ferry Boats and Mega-Yachts. Our team has extensive knowledge of all ports in the country.

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Why us? Since 2020, we have served an enormous number of all types of vessels by fulfilling all of their needs with high-quality products and customer service. Throughout our journey, we have built a network of trusted wholesalers all across the world. Our operation flows through an accurate supply chain managed by experienced professionals working together as a team for serving our customers. We mainly operate in the UAE but we also provide supplies in Saudi Arabia, Oman Kuwait and Qatar).

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Extensive Product Range:

Amazon Blu Ship Supplies offers an extensive range of products to cater to the diverse needs of ships. From high-quality provisions to technical supplies, we ensure that vessels are well-equipped to meet the demands of the operations. Our comprehensive inventory ensures that ship owners and operators can find all their requirements under one roof, saving valuable time and effort.