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We strive is to maximize efficiency and ensure that ship requirements are fulfilled properly. Thanks to our aggressive import and sourcing strategies, we are able to deliver premium supplies to our customers at non-premium prices. Prompt delivery, quality products, and personalized service, is how we achieve our goal of exceeding customer expectations. We provide labor […]


cargo ship bulk carrier is loaded with grain of wheat in port at sunset

Amazon Blu Ship Supplies cooperates with many different business partners to ensure our solutions are always on top of new business needs and requirements. The cooperation with our partners is not only a client/vendor relationship anymore and has become a partnership that goes beyond. Sharing experiences and information has strengthened the cooperation to improve the […]


All you need at the right time and at the right price.​ A wide range of marine services solutions tailored to your vessel’s needs, delivered by teams of experts trained to understand your unique requirements. Amazon Blu Ship Supplies. Any turnaround delays will impact the vessel schedule and incur a monetary penalty. This is why […]