Amazon Ship Supplies

All you need at the right time and at the right price.​ A wide range of marine services solutions tailored to your vessel’s needs, delivered by teams of experts trained to understand your unique requirements.
Amazon Blu Ship Supplies. Any turnaround delays will impact the vessel schedule and incur a monetary penalty. This is why our team is working on full time basis, 24 hours a day to ensure that our client’s vessels are in time prepared for the upcoming voyage. Our services include cleaning, deck services and safety equipment inspection.
Cleaning services comprise: Crew laundry services, Cargo fuel tank cleaning, deck cleaning and room cleaning. We also provide deck services to the vessel operator, these consist of maintenance of anchor and anchor chain, safety and life saving equipment, supply of marine paint and painting materials, welding and maintenance work and general repairs. As far as safety equipment inspection is concerned, we supply first aid kits, safety helmets and gloves, fire extinguishers and hoses, and we do inspection of lifeboats & rafts, inspection of fire fighting equipment and safety equipment to make sure safety and life-saving equipment must be functioning in the even an accident happen while at sea.

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