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IMO floor coverings for ships

Floor coverings on board of a ship endure much more compared to floors in ‘regular buildings’. The hydropower of water, heavy objects and work shoes continuously creates an extra high load. In addition, the floors on ships must comply with strict IMO safety requirements. So which floors are most suitable for which areas? We provide a top 3 IMO floor solutions especially designed for the shipping industry.

IMO synthetic PU/epoxy flooring

Synthetic floors are strong and reliable floor coverings, which are suitable for heavy mechanical and chemical loads. Applying an (epoxy or PU) floor is a labor-intensive process. The floor is applied in a number of layers, which require drying processes and thus extra drying time. IMO synthetic floors are mainly applied in wet rooms, galleys, shower, dressing rooms and toilet areas.

IMO carpet

Carpet is a warm and comfortable floor covering, providing a cozy atmosphere to an area. New innovations, such as pre-cut carpet and IMO-certified carpet tiles, enables installation of carpet for every use and in every location on your vessel, ranging from narrow corridors to wide public areas. Choose from various types, colors and designs. IMO carpet tiles are often used in crew accomodations and in the corridors of a ship. With IMO carpet tiles you create a soft, warm and comfortable space. In the public areas, mainly on cruise vessels, Axminster woven carpet is mostly applied, for which the designs are infinite and available in any custom-made design possible.

IMO PVC floors

Vinyl or PVC floor coverings are extremely durable, versatile and maintenance friendly. IMO certified PVC floors are available in 2m wide rolls and in tiles or planks. The available options are endless in patterns, stone or wood-look, prints or uni-colors. PVC floors are available in homogeneous -and heterogeneous materials. The floors are reasonably wear resistant and therefore very suitable for corridors, public areas, crew cabins and stairwells.



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