Oil Water Separators




For more than 30 years the company DVZ-SERVICES GmbH is a synonym for the development of an innovative, economic waste water treatment in the marine, yachting, cargo shipping and offshore area.

We develop and manufacture sewage treatment plants, oily water separators, fat traps and buffer tanks in two sites near the German city of Bremen for renowned customers all over the world.

Until today, the DVZ-Group has delivered over 9.000 units to content customers across the globe.

Besides the systems functionality, great value was attached to the durability and reliability of all the

Components and ease of maintenance.

DVZ are manufacturer of wide range of products:
1-    Bilge water treatment. DVZ – FSU “OILCHIEF”®
2-    Biological Sewage Treatment System. DVZ – EPS “BIOMASTER”® – ECON
3-    Fat Trap (Galvanized or Stainless Steel)
4-    Ballast Water Treatment System
5-    Land Applications (NEW)– Jet-Zone-Reactor



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