The International Convention for the Safety of Life at sea (SOLAS) requires the passenger ships and non-passenger ships over 3000 gross tonnes on international voyages must now be fitted with either Voyage Data Recorders (VDRs), or simplified Voyage Data Recorders (S-VDRs). In addition, all modern ships are also fitted with a wide range of other systems (ECDIS, GPS, machineray m onitoring systems etc) which are automatically acquiring and storing huge amounts of digital data on a continuous basis, and may also be complimented by similar shore-based systems (such as VTS, AIS etc).

Amazon ship supplies offers a wide range of navigation equipment to make your journey at sea smoother and safer. Available products: Radars, Gyro Compass, Magnetic Compass, Auto Pilot, ARPA, Automatic Tracking Aid, Eco Sounder, Electronic Chart Display Information Systems, AIS, Voyage Data Recorder, Rudder Angle Indicators, GPS Receiver, Navigastion Lights, Ship Flags etc…


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